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How to buy a car from https://www.uckauction.com/

1. Log in or sign up to see the price.
2. Select the vehicle that you what to buy.
3. Please enter your desired bid.
4. Wait for you to bid.
5. If you are a winner of auction, wait for response from our international agent.

¿Cómo comprar desde https://www.uckauction.com/

1. Regístrese o inicie la seción para ver el precio.
2. Seleccione el vehículo que quiere comprar.
3. Por favor, ponga el precio para unirse a la subasta.
4. Espere hasta que termine la subasta.
5. Si eres el ganador de subasta, espere para que el agente internacional le atienda.

Как купить машину через https://www.uckauction.com/

1. Войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра цен.
2. Выберите транспортное средство, которое хотите купить.
3. Сделайте Вашу ставку.
4. Ожидайте окончания аукциона.
5. Если Вы стали победителем в аукционе, с Вами свяжется наш международный агент.

we are looking forward to helping our customers around the world, who find the best used car option on the market.
Our platform was mad for people who are interseted in used vehicles such as : trucks, buses, cars, spare parts, etc.
Our professional teams try to do our best and help clients who are located in every part of the world and but with confidence, guaranteeing the safest online purchase and the lowest price.

Mobile phone number and whatsapp : +821037608562
Website : https://www.usedcarkorea.net/ , https://www.uckauction.com/
Business days : Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 GMT + 9

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